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19 Oct 2018 / Berlin


DJ OVERDOSE live - rotterhague records, murder capital

SCARLIT PORT - +nurse+, brokntoys

D. INSTRUCTED - funk injacktion, fundamental records 

AXIOM - xploration, skizze 

visuals by GESO - godisaglitch



GOTO80 live C64 a/v - cpu records, data airlines, datadoor 

SV3N -  transmission, skizze  

ZVH - yaga gathering 


Boarding for the next X:Ploration has already begun. We will leave our home galaxy and advance into areas previously known only theoretically. Over 40 years ago, Voyager was sent out with the Golden Record carrying a message to extraterrestrials to help them get a picture of us as human beings. New technological and social developments in recent decades have made it necessary to send an update. Since then, humanity has become globally connected via internet and electronic music occupies a large part of human listening habits. To give a good contemporary impression, we have brought experts on basslines and synthesizer sounds, funky beats and robo-rhythms, chill-frequencies and computer programming as well as visualization on board.

DJ OVERDOSE is a specialist when it comes to the old school with new influences. His many years of experience in Hip Hop and Electro are very much requested for this mission and he will perform one of his rare live sets. Programming beats and sampling techniques will be just as much a part of his performance as scratching vinyl. Here everyone will pick up a thing or two - Generation Y and Z alike!

GOTO80 is also a connection from the old to the new and therefore just as good a choice for our endeavor. As an "old media artist" he generates live coded sounds on his old C64 computer from the 80s and mixes it with ASCII graphics. Retro alarm for your eyes and ears - a mix of pop, acid, electro and punk along with its own special 8-bit style. Catchy, noisy, funky and fearless!

SCARLIT PORT has a broad musical understanding, which is why he is part of the crew. He began his first productions with Detroit-inspired electro and later expanded his musical interests with IDM via Drill'nBass, all the way to Musique Concrete. Coming from Luxembourg, he now lives in Berlin since a few years and runs his own label +Nurse+, which he releases in tape and vinyl formats. Recently there was a well received split release with Identified Project on Brokntoys.

D.INSTRUCTED from Berlin is one of the old school and has been spinning records since the mid-90s. Infected by Detroit and Electro - but also with influences from Jazz, Disco, Acid, EBM, Jack and House - with his buddy Rene Polley he explores their funky rhythms and special sounds. The essence of which can be heard since 2008 on their label "Funk Injacktion" or in their live sets as well as on the "Time Capsule", the legendary 808-box series by Fundamental Records.

SV3N brings over 25 years musical experience with him and has made a name for himself in the german Rhein-Main region for his diverse style of Detroit techno, Electro and IDM. After he supported Autechre on their European tour in 1998, he moved to Manchester (UK) where he came together with Skam Records and was Co-Promoter of the legendary ilektro Club nights in Park Nightclub. Meanwhile he is based in Berlin and always on the go. He played the chillout floor at the Warp 25 year anniversary in Krakow and is curating small underground experimental events in Berlin.

ZVH is a music enthusiast from Lithuania who has been collecting vinyl for around 15 years - mainly IDM, Ambient, Experimental and Dub-Techno. There he organises different musical events, promotes electronic music culture and has curated the Chillout line-up for the Lithuanian Festival Yaga Gathering for the past 7 years.

GESO is responsible for the visual element this time. With his reliable knowledge of the region spanning back many years, he will connect the musical frequencies with his visuals and delivers an all-encompassing image to our senses. He has already proven his feel for aesthetics many times. Be it through the graphic design magazine BELIO which he used to curate with his brother or through his countless outings as a visual artist at various events. Geso always surprises with both, new ideas and approach.

AXIOM is the curator of X:Ploration and the connecting element. Since the mid 90's he has played not only his Electro sound but also Techno and Experimental music. Since 2006, he runs the label Crazy Language, which releases truly original electronic music and visuals. He put the X:Ploration team together and ensures a smooth and comfortable trip.



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artwork by Haedre

07 Jul 2018 / Berlin


LUXUS VARTA live - brokntoys, solar one music

HINODE - science fiction recordings

AXIOM - xploration, skizze  



QUADRATSCHULZ live - shipwrec

PORKFOUR - clear memory, blackred

MAGNETIC - clear memory, blackred

VARUM - clear memory

TRED - e-missions




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artwork by Haedre

09 Mar 2018 / Berlin


COSMIC FORCE live - clone, marguerita records 

ROBYRT HECHT - yuyay, possblthings, clear memory 

EOISM - pulse drift records, undersound 

AXIOM - xploration, skizze 

visuals by OMBRA ELETTRICA  


TENT: MinimalRome Label Showcase





The galactic X:Ploration Corp has been underway for quite some time and is now encountering an unknown object. An exploratory team has been sent to investigate. The object should be irradiated from low altitude with Electro-Acoustic signals at different frequencies to determine the nature of the surface. It received unusual signals that suggest intelligent life forms. The results of the investigation and deciphering of the message will be presented soon.

COSMIC FORCE live - attracted by the upcoming Hip-Hop / Electro scene of the early '80s, influenced and inspired by the new sound - combined with experimental music by Pierre Henri, Oscar Sala and Kraftwerk, he has developed his own style. His first release came on Clone Records in 1996 - followed by many more under various pseudonyms such as Ototax, Proskool, Double Dutch or Dr Switch.

ROBYRT HECHT - Chieftain of YUYAY Records, a label with fresh experimental Electro to Braindance tunes dedicated to abstract mathematical science with a philosophical touch. He is a member of the emerging Electro crew Clear Memory from Leipzig and produces music solo or as part of various music projects.

EOISM - in addition to their fresh label Pulse Drift Recordings, the pair from Jena and Leipzig are also twisting music and developing their own style. There are already two really good releases, more will follow for sure. For us, they are searching out tracks that have influenced them and mix the whole thing with current funky and dark Electro.

AXIOM - as host and resident of the event series no longer needs to be introduced. With his uncompromising Electro sound he will probably force most of them back onto the dance floor.

minimalROME - legendary collective and record label from Rome. They have been active since 2002 and can look back on more than 30 releases, including Legowelt, The Hacker, I-F or Rude66. Long enough to finally transport their vision to Berlin. The label takes over the second floor and with the live sets from the label founders HEINRICH DRESSEL and TESLASONIC you’ll end up in a movie of futuristic synthesizer sound landscapes reminiscent of horror or other movie scores from the 70s. DAVE GRAVE will pick up on this sound and mix it with his rough disco, until the blood red dawn.



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artwork by Haedre

10 Nov 2017 / Berlin


GALAXIAN live - shipwrec, last known trajectory 

ELECTRONOME - viewlexx,  murdercapital

HEADNOAKS - blackred, antizero, transient force

AXIOM - xploration, skizze



FUNKY COOL ROOM - robot Army


For a year now we have been exploring the Electro space with you and have already had experienced pilots like DMX Krew, Boris Divider, MNLTH and many more on board. But this time we have something special for you!

GALAXIAN will join us and really put the full down.
His impressive sound at light-speed is energetic and driving. Despite his hard-to-class sound, he comfortably takes a space outside the easy-to-define genres of today and draws the audience under his spell. You can check this out for yourself on his releases on Last Known Trajectory or his latest with DJ Stingray on Shipwrec. His live shows with helmet and mask promise immersive experiences from distant galaxies.

ELECTRONOME is one of our electro activists you might know from the legendary Dutch labels like Murder Capital and Viewlexx which are run by I-F. It wasn't just for fun that some of his releases have been repressed recently and we're looking forward to his plans for the comeback. He is rarely on the road, so we look forward to his first visit to Berlin. Take a trip with deep basslines and electrical signals!

HEADNOAKS is one of the last explorers of the real Electro Vibe. Infected by the classic Detroit sound and his most mysterious Drexciya project, he recognized his mission to open up the hidden connections between human thought and computer arithmetic. The musical translation can be found on labels such as Transient Force or Blackred among others and he will soon release an EP on Possblthings Rec.
In addition, he is part of the Black Red Crew who together have organized a lot of crazy electro parties in Leipzig, where the most important musicians of the electro scene have been as guests - be it from Detroit, the UK, the Netherlands or elsewhere.

AXIOM as the host of the X: Ploration series will connect all this as usual.

FUNKY COOL ROOM will take over the second floor. They got sent to us by our friends from Robot Army.

Get ready and buckle up - together, on to new worlds!



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artwork by Haedre

14 Jul 2017 / Berlin

Club Floor:  

MNLTH live - rephlex records, photodementia

ADJ - touchin' bass, pyramid transmissions

DJ GLOW - trust 

AXIOM - xploration  


Open Air Floor:  

DJ CARMEL - bitterfeld, rand muzik recordings

MARIUS REISSER - bitterfeld, humboldthain club

UNDERMIND - humboldthain club


Hello Electro freaks, the check in for our next X-Ploration is open! 
And we have some interesting guests on board once again.

Get excited for DAVE MONOLITH aka MNLTH aka PHOTODEMENTIA , his sound meanders between Electro, IDM and Acid - let's just say Braindance. His releases can be found on labels such as the legendary Rephlex, which was founded by Richard D. James aka Aphex Twin and also served as a refuge for his many releases. But you can also find damn fine music from him on WéMè Records and Central Processing Unit (CPU).

ADJ from London is also a long-standing active electro supporter, who is not to be missed! For over 15 years, he has had his tunes cut to vinyl on Touchin' Bass and other labels. For at least as long, he has worked together with John Cranmer (Pathic) running the label Pyramid Transmissions, which moves between Electronica and Electro.

DJ GLOW - Label Head of Trust Records from Vienna, has been around for a long time bringing our preferred sound to the people. Be it with his label or more actively as a DJ - living in Berlin for quite some time, he still has the Viennese charm in his genes - just like his impeccable musical taste.

AXIOM is, naturally, also with us once again. As a resident, he will lead you in the right direction with his warmup set, which is known to him as the dance-floor.

To round off proceedings, there is a beautiful musical meeting in the outdoors with DJ CARMEL, MARIUS REISSER and UNDERMIND. Involved in various projects and with long-standing musical backgrounds, you can expect good quality, as it should be.

That leaves only you to round it all off and make it a pleasant trip!
Looking forward to everything and everyone, see you soon!



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artwork by Haedre

03 Mar 2017 / Berlin

Club Floor:

BORIS DIVIDER - artificial domain

VCS2600 live - rikos, stillleben

NAKS - vortex traks

AXIOM - xploration  



SUNSET MOTHERFUCKER - idroscalo dischi, buttons

QU ER - monolith records


Welcome aboard our next trip into the wide electro world. On the bridge this time we have an experienced crew at the controls of our spacecraft: BORIS DIVIDER, NAKS and AXIOM. In the machine-room, VCS2600 will ensure that we can easily navigate through both new and known worlds.

BORIS DIVIDER may be familiar to many. There is a lot of vinyl material from him on his label Drivecom since the beginning of the 2000s and since the end of 2014 he has been running some digital releases on his new label Artifical Domain.
Coming from "Basselona" and now finally visiting Berlin, he won't disappoint with his long-standing experience and confident style. Bass, beats and sonic boom! All this and more will be proven to us on the decks. We are only out of the house and can barely keep our feet still!

VCS2600, hailing from Finland, has already calibrated his machines and will deliver the finest electro sound for our listening pleasure. It's surprising that he's only brought us two releases under the name so far. But to release on Luke Eargoggle's label Stilleben, as well as on Rikos, speaks for quality. Extraterrestrial funky machine Electro, just right for us.

NAKS, who has been in Berlin for some time now, is musically well and broadly versed. Techno-Acid-Boogy-Wave and more. He presents us with a fine selection of his electro vision, we're in safe hands here. As a resident at Magic Waves and co-founder of the label Vortex Traks, he has proven good taste. With the likes of Morphology, Kan3da and Mesak etc. having already released on this label, there's no need for further references.

AXIOM, who is hosting the X: Ploration series, will of course be setting the tone as resident, and will look to get the perfect connection between them all. His warmup set is sure to bring electro from all corners together and deliver truly decent sound.

Tie your galactic dance boots, clean your ears and find a good place on the dance floor. Prepare for a long but pleasant journey where every electro freak will find what they're looking for.



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artwork by Haedre

11 Nov 2016 / Berlin

Main Floor:

DMX KREW live - shipwrec, power vacuum

MARCO BERNARDI - frustrated funk, brokntoys

MEJLE & ELECTRODON - mechatronica

AXIOM - xploration, skizze



PHILIPP STROBEL - aufnahme + wiedergabe

LGHTWGHT - fleisch

CHLOÉ LULA - aufnahme + wiedergabe


At our first departure we have a competent team on board!

DMX KREW is about as close to a household name as can be found in electro, since he has been providing us with material for more than 20 years. His releases on Reflex reflect precisely this wide electrocosm and, of course, he has also released something on almost every popular electro label. A term to which his label Breakin 'Records also surely belongs.

MARCO BERNARDI began releasing in the mid-2000s on Frustated Funk, Créme Organization, Clone and Abstract Forms. Since then he has still been actively developing the electro sound, but has also proven himself more than capable with Acid and Techno.

MEJLE and ELECTRODON are part of the Mechatronica crew, who are also dedicated to Electro and Acid. They are familiar with the subject matter and know how to put on a good party. A first, small compilation has recently appeared on their new label of the same name, including Luke Eargoggle, Sync 24 and Etcher.

AXIOM has also rocked many dancefloors in Berlin. As an electro specialist, and master mixologist he is not to be missed and makes the form complete. 



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artwork by Haedre